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Gilmore Girls Revival

I just can’t bring myself to write my thoughts about the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix.  It’s too soon. But I promise you, it’s coming one day.  That show has had such an effect on our family.  I have to keep verbalizing, “It’s NOT real.  It’s just a show.”

Yesterday, Erica and I both had very exciting things happen to us concerning Gilmore Girls.  It’s unbelievable, really. Continue reading

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Beautiful Shoes from Who What Wear for Target

Shoes Who What Where Target

You guys!  Hurry and buy these shoes from Who What Wear for Target NOW!  Can you even stand how cool they are?????  All of the shoes are way under $50 each.  I want them all!!!!  Just click on each picture for all the details!!

The styles are trendy but the great prices make them a fabulous buy and a must for your wardrobe, even if you live in sunny south Florida like I do.  Why should we deprived of wearing cool boots just because it’s 85 degrees outside every day, right?  And for those of you who live where it’s cold right now, go for the open-toed shoes!  Why not???  Have fun!  Embrace life!  When you’re on the dance floor, DANCE!

shoes who what wear target

Velvet textured paisley embossing, luxe colors, and metal trim along the heel!  Details HERE.

shoes who what wear target

It’s all about the details, from the vintage-inspired ankle strap to the modern block heel. Pair these with your favorite cropped trousers or midi skirt.  Details HERE.

shoes who what wear target

Ankle boots are one of—if not the—most coveted shoe trends of the moment. Detail about these tan micro suede booties HERE.  Available in other colors, too!!

shoes who what wear target

Velvet block heel with ankle tie • Ankle ties provide versatility to tie in several different ways The rich jewel tones of these block-heel sandals will give any neutral outfit the pop of color it needs. The sophisticated texture and ballet-inspired ankle tie make them a must-have for your next party. Available in other colors, too!  Details HERE.


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Secret to a Happy Life

Secret to a Happy Life

I saw this graphic on Facebook today, and the first three sentences are perfect if you want to know the secret to a happy life.

secret happy life

photo from Facebook

Don’t sit on the couch and wait for it.

Go out.

Make a change.

I’ve done these three things a few times in my life and I’ve seen the fruits of my labors.

The first time I “went for it” was when I met Donny Osmond for the first time.  It was my life’s goal to meet him.  I knew inside me that it would happen, but I didn’t realize it would happen so early in my life.  You can read my experience about the time I crocheted an afghan for Donny and I was able to go backstage after his concert and give it to him in person.

This experience was way more than just meeting my idol.  It taught me that I could set a goal, work toward it, and achieve it.

The second time was when I built my modeling career.  Working as a professional model was also a goal of mine.  I paid my dues by working for free and for next-to-nothing in the beginning to get experience and to network.  I went from begging people to let me work for them to having so much work that I changed my phone number to unlisted.

I took my modeling career full-circle.  I fulfilled my dream and got to the point of burn-out.

I learned that in order to work, I needed to be able to sell myself.  I had to convince the client that I was the best model for the job.  If I wanted to work, I needed to create an air of confidence and that became a really important quality in other aspects of my life, too.

I wrote down my career goals and had a visual reminder of what I had accomplished and what I still wanted to do.

The most recent time was when I started eWillow.com.  I’ve loved stationery and greeting cards my entire life.  I love making cards.  eWillow.com is my baby.  It’s an idea I conceived and I’ll always be proud of it.  However, it hasn’t always been easy.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons about dealing with different personalities and that success is defined differently by different people.  Your idea of success is not that same as mine and vice-versa, and that’s okay.

In conclusion, YOU have to make things happen.  If you aren’t happy today, no one is going to wave a magic wand and change your life.  You need to decide that it’s up to you to be happy.

Start by writing down your goals and what you want to change in your life.  Don’t wait until New Year’s Day. Do it now!

Also, getting back to the original list, I don’t have a problem unfollowing (and blocking) negative people on social media, but I still need to work on a few of the items, especially the part about going to bed and waking up early.

Share your thoughts about the list!  What has been easy for you?  What do you hope to improve?

secret to a happy life

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My Favorite Childhood Toy

Jolly Green Giant Doll


When I was little, I was so excited to save the can wrappers from our Green Giant vegetables so that I could mail away for a Jolly Green Giant Doll.  The Jolly Green Giant was a pretty popular dude in the mid-70’s.

jolly green giant doll

I saved the labels and got the doll in the mail!  Yippee!  I loved that stupid stuffed green toy.  Maybe because it took me a lot of work to get it.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

One night I woke up and threw up all over my bed.  The pillow, the sheets, and yes, my Jolly Green Giant doll.

My mom didn’t seem to have a problem washing my pillow and my sheets.  But my Jolly Green Giant doll?

She threw it away.

I’m 51 years old and I still remember that stupid stuffed green doll.  Ho, ho, ho, Green Giant.

jolly green giant doll


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More Cyber Monday Deals!

More Cyber Monday Deals!

One post about Cyber WEEK deals wasn’t enough, so here are Cyber MONDAY ONLY sales for you!!

Too bad today isn’t a snow day so you can stay in bed all day and shop away, huh?

I LOVE everything by Ted Baker. Absolutely EVERYTHING!  Their “Black Friday” sale ends Monday (tonight) at midnight.

more cyber monday deals

When I modeled, cell phones were the size of toasters. I used a planner to keep track of all of my stuff. I’m so happy that planners are trending again, and they are so much cuter this time around! FranklinPlanners has GREAT Cyber Monday deals for you!

more cyber monday deals

Halston Vintage! Another thing that takes me back to my modeling days!

more cyber monday deals

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