3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem In 5 Minutes

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Did you know you’re an angel?  We all are!  But sometimes – most of the time – we forget that we all have a uniquely divine purpose.  It happens to me all the time. Whenever I begin to wonder what my purpose on this earth really is, like when I begin to wonder what I’m actually contributing to the world, I take five minutes to do these three easy things to help me feel better.  Here are some ideas you can try, too, to boost your self-esteem.

boost your self esteem


Provide Some Type of Service 

This is number one for a reason.  The best way to feel better about yourself and to stop focusing on negative things about yourself is to help someone else.  This has been tricky for me because whenever I hear the word “service” I have a panic attack.  I immediately think it means I have to perform some type of physical labor like helping someone move.  But service does not have to be a grandiose gesture.  A simple smile to someone or simply asking someone about how they are can change someone’s life.

Write Down Five Blessings

This is much easier than you think!  Get out a piece of paper, grab a pen, and start your list.  Can you see?  Hear?  Speak?  Breathe?  Today I thought about how blessed I am that I can use my hands with ease.  It means that I’m able to make cards, pet my cats, and eat the yummy cheeseburger and fries we had for Neil’s birthday dinner.

Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Put on some lipstick, brush your hair, take a shower, breathe deeply, paint your nails, put on some perfume, do some jumping jacks, or iron your outfit.  When you feel beautiful on the outside, it’s much easier to feel better about yourself.

Because of my low blood pressure, exercise isn’t something that is part of my daily routine.  When I look in the mirror and I see my arm cellulite, I could easily beat myself up and feel like a failure.  However, I’m thankful for shirts like the one I’m wearing from Banana Republic, that have sleeves that are long enough to cover the flab!

How do you boost your self-esteem when you’re feeling blue?

boost your self esteem

(shirt & jeans:  mine, both from Banana Republic, a store with which I have an affiliate relationship.)

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When Your Birthday Falls After Christmas

When Your Birthday Falls After Christmas

What Happens When Your Birthday Falls After Christmas

It sucks to have a birthday after the holidays.  I know first-hand.  I was born on January 6th and I was always reminded when I was little that I “just got a bunch of presents” and that people “didn’t want to go to another party.”  Even if those words weren’t said to me directly, I overheard them and I remember who said them.  Kids know things and when you hear something as a child, it becomes your reality until you learn differently.

Hey, I get it.  Now that I’m older, I don’t want to party after January 1st, either.  But 24 years ago I had a baby on January 3rd and I made sure that she never felt the same way I did.  So what if Santa brought her an American Girl doll for Christmas?  If she wanted another one, she got one for her birthday nine days later.

I don’t think people born between December 24th and January 1st have the same problem.  People are partying anyway, so why not throw one more party on top of it all, right?  It’s those of us who celebrate the week after the holidays that might feel unworthy of celebration.

When you grow up feeling guilty that people have to give you a present when they don’t want to, do you know what happens?  It makes you feel unworthy to receive a gift anytime of the year.  You think that it’s a dreaded burden for someone to take the time to think about you and buy you a present.  That’s why I don’t like my birthday.  I don’t like imposing on people.

I Had Family Birthday Parties

I did have a family birthday party every day.  We would gather around the kitchen table and have cake and ice cream and I would open my presents.  I was not deprived.  The thing that stuck with me was the attitude of a few people ahead of the event.  Every year.  It was difficult to get excited when I knew people didn’t want to be there.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Changed How I View My Birthday

We’re all familiar with the song and the saying, right?  But do you know what it really means?

The song represents Christmas Day and the twelve days following Christmas, with the twelfth day falling on the Feast of the Epiphany, or January 6th – my birthday.  It is the day that the three kings arrived to visit Jesus and lay their gifts before him.

So there you have it.  I was born on a holy day.  One of the holiest.  However, I don’t think our society could endure an additional week of festivities and survive, so the day and its meaning to Christians is ignored.

I Won’t Take On Your Burden

If you think my birthday is a burden to you because you are too tired of partying, good for you!  You’re entitled to your feelings.

I have wonderful family and friends who don’t care that my birthday falls after Christmas.

My gift to myself this year is that my posts are going to address the skeletons I’ve been living with instead of keeping everything in to spare others’ feelings. ( Like HERE and HERE.)

Happy New Year!!!!

birthday after christmas

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Now You Can Try On Makeup With Rimmel’s New “Get The Look” App

Rimmel Get The Look App

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what lipstick or eye shadow I was wearing when I worked as a model, well, you know.  I remember scouring fashion magazines for hours and ripping out pages of the latest haircuts and makeup trends.  It was part of my job to always be on-trend.

That was two decades ago.

It’s difficult for me to keep up with makeup trends now, but thanks to the new Rimmel Get The Look App, my life just got a whole lot easier.  I don’t have to look through magazines anymore or waste money on products that I only use once.  With the Rimmel Get The Look App, not only can I try on makeup on my phone or tablet, but I can also “steal the look” from the looks I like on models in magazines.

rimmel get the look app

Snap a photo of a look you love.

rimmel get the look app

Try on the look with your phone or tablet and buy the recommended Rimmel products directly from the app.

rimmel get the look app

It’s easy to fall into a rut and keep the same hair and makeup style year after year after year. I experienced this when I worked as a model because I had a certain look – fair skin with short dark hair and red lips – and clients booked me and expected me to show up looking like that.  It’s been difficult for me to make changes, even subtle ones.  However, now that I have the Rimmel Get The Look App, I can experiment with different looks before I buy.

I need a change!  Now that I’m older (yuk) I don’t feel comfortable wearing red lipstick every day.  It doesn’t really seem appropriate for grocery shopping.  I’ll be trying the Rimmel Get The Look App to experiment with different shades of blush, lipstick and liner.

My eyebrows need serious help, too. Ugh!  The Rimmel app arrived at the perfect time for me.

Rimmel is giving away a $500 Visa gift card and $100 worth of product when you download the app, steal someone’s look and snap a picture of yourself. Enter to win here: http://bit.ly/2gxE

Oh, and here’s a peek at my modeling look:

rimmel get the look app

Download the free app and let me know what you think!

Thank You, Rimmel and SheKnows for sponsoring this post.



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Save 25% on MAC Gift Sets at Nordstrom.com!

Save 25% on MAC Gift Sets at Nordstrom.com

You guys!  Out of all of the special offers I’ve shared with you in the past, I’m most excited about this one!  From now until December 26th, you can save 25% on Mac Gift Sets at Nordstrom.com!!!

For the past 25 years or so, I have worn MAC makeup exclusively.  I’m often asked what color lipstick I wear.  It’s MAC Cherish Lipstick and MAC Subculture Lip Liner.  When I want a darker look, I just use MAC Spice Lip Liner with the same MAC Cherish Lipstick.

Check out these wonderful MAC Nutcracker Sweet Gift Sets!!  I have to tell you that I have NEVER seen MAC on sale anywhere, ever, so be sure to take advantage of this sale NOW.  I’m so happy that the brush sets are on sale.  MAC brushes are the best!!!

Can you tell how excited I am????!!!!!!!

Guess what?  FREE SHIPPING, too!!!!

Click HERE to shop MAC Gift Sets at 25% off, or click the images below for the direct links!!!!

Bronze Pigment & Glitter Kit:

Save 25% on MAC Gift Sets at Nordstrom.com

Sweet Warm Eye Shadow:


Basic Brush Set:


Mineralize Brush Set:


Sweet Red Lip Kit:


Nude Patent Polish Kit:


Smoky Eye Kit:


Seriously, buy them ALL!! NOW!!!!!

Apparently, according to their website, you still have time to order and receive it by Christmas Eve!!!  Yea, Nordstrom.com!!

Save 25% on MAC Gift Sets at Nordstrom.com

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Family Christmas Cards

Family Christmas Card Ideas

I guess it isn’t surprising that family Christmas cards are really important to me. Even though I struggle to come up with family Christmas card ideas, I love sending and receiving cards every year!  I’ve been sending cards every Christmas of our married lives…next Christmas will mark the 30th!  The list has changed over the years and new friends have been added.  I used to meticulously make each and every card myself by hand, but like the saying goes, “the shoemakers children never have shoes.”  As eWillow.com has grown, I’ve spent tons of time creating cards for others and although I still make our cards, they certainly aren’t as elaborate or as creative as they used to be.  But I guess the point is that I still send our family Christmas card every year, and I hope you send cards, too.  Isn’t it fun to go to the mailbox every day this time of year and see hand-addressed envelopes?  I love it!

Here are some of our Christmas cards from over the years.

family christmas card ideas

family christmas card ideas

family christmas card ideas

family christmas card ideas

family christmas card ideas

family christmas card ideas

We didn’t start doing a picture every year until  Adrienne came along.  The first year, she was the only one in the picture, and the year after that is when we started including a family picture every year. It has become so much easier over the years to take the picture. It used to be the worst day of the year with all of the chaos, but as I look back on these family Christmas cards from over the years, I’m glad we never broke with tradition.

And with that, I’ll now go and have a panic attack and obsess over finding our cards from the missing years.  Where did I put them?!

(Send me an email or leave a comment to put in your order for your cards for next year!  I start making them in the summer, hence the saying, “Christmas in July.”  Now I know what it means! 🙂

family christmas card ideas



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