Today’s edition of The Palm Beach Post had an article titled “The 10 Things I Love About NY.” Here are my 10:
10) The smells (pollution, food, subway, Canal Street)
9) The noises (people, traffic, car horns)
8) The people (hustle and bustle, always helpful)
7) The food (peanuts, pizza, anything and everything)
6) The shopping (Canal Street, American Girl Place, random street markets)
5) The tall buildings
4) Flying into LaGuardia and seeing the Statue of Liberty (which is immediately
negated by the sick feeling of NOT seeing the Twin Towers)
3) Times Square
2) The random celebrity sightings (Steven Spielberg still takes the cake)
…and the Number One reason I absolutely LOVE NY more than any other place
I have ever been is because of the incredibly unforgettable memories I make every
time I go…

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