Bright Idea

As if they don’t stress out our kids enough by shoving FCAT, FCAT, FCAT down their throats, let’s schedule the test two days after the time change when they have all lost one hour of the precious sleep they need to recover from all the homework they throw at them. I actually heard on the news last night that FCAT was scheduled on Tuesday this year instead of on Monday because of the time change. Ha! I guess in their infinite wisdom they forgot that some people go to church on Sunday morning and don’t sleep the day away to recover from the lost hour. And here I was giving them the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe they didn’t realize it was “change the clock” time when they scheduled the test dates. And then they wonder why…

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2 thoughts on “Bright Idea

  1. Colorado_Kid

    No kidding! I made up a song about our state testing the other day and sang it in the workroom in a grumpy moment – I think I might get fired now.


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