Bragging Part II: The Master Scriptorian

In our church all of the high school students meet every morning at 6 a.m. for a class called “Seminary.” Seminary runs on a four year rotation. This year’s course of study was The Old Testament. As a high school freshman, this was Adrienne’s first year. Next year the course of study will be The New Testament, the next year will be The Book of Mormon, and her fourth year (which will be Erica’s first year when she enters ninth grade) will be Doctrine and Covenants and Church History.
Each year there are certain scriptures that the students are encouraged to memorize. This year there were 25. Special recognition is given to those students who can recite all 25 scriptures word for word in order. Whoever can do that earns the title of “Master Scriptorian.”
We are so proud that Adrienne earned the honor this year. There was a lovely program yesterday morning. Each student presented a poster they made about their favorite Old Testament story. They were each given a bag with random items in it (string, play dough, beads, feathers, etc.) and they had to construct their poster with the items they were given. Adrienne chose Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. (After her presentation, I asked her “Who played Joseph in the movie version?” :))
In addition to the poster presentation, she recited all 25 scriptures in front of everyone. I just couldn’t believe that my baby was up there doing that! She was presented with a beautiful snow globe music box with her name engraved. Interesting, since we collect snow globes. Also interesting was the fact that it said “Shoot for the Moon.” That is my mantra for my kids: “Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll fall among the stars.”
Okay, I’m done bragging. On with regular blogging again….!!!

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