Me: “Hi, Rebecca? My Name is Charlene. Why Do I …

…have your name and phone number written in my day planner on October 11th?”

Rebecca: “I’m in charge of the debate at Benjamin High School on the 11th.”

And then it all came back to me!!! A girl named Rebecca called a couple of weeks ago and asked to speak with Adrienne. She wanted Adrienne to participate in a political debate at Benjamin on October 11th. Adrienne wasn’t home at the time, so instead of writing down the info on a piece of paper and giving it to Adrienne when she got home, I wrote down Rebecca’s name and phone number directly on my calender on the day of the event. So, once again, my hyper-organization has gotten me into trouble! Do you ever micro-organize your life so much that you forget where you put things or what those little notes you write to yourself mean? Yowzie.

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