Thirty-One Years Ago Today…

…was the absolute WORST day of my life!!!!!!
I was thirteen years old, in seventh grade, and woke up on May 9th to read a HORRIBLE (to me!) bit of news in the paper!!! (Remember, this was back in the day when we actually had to wait to read the newspaper to find out what was going on in the world!)
My life was OVER!!!!!
You know that song by Barry Manilow, “Can’t Smile Without You”? Well, I would listen to it over and over and over again and CRY like crazy!
I remember I also started crying in the girls locker room at school!
My dreams were shattered! My life was over!
What in the world am I talking about???
Take a guess!!!!
The first person to correctly guess what made me sooooo sad because of what happened
thirty-one years ago today will win a big HUG from me!!

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7 thoughts on “Thirty-One Years Ago Today…

  1. Colorado Kid

    I cried that day, too. I felt bad at how much I hated his wife those days when I found out Carolyn is related to her!

    BTW…I didn't win the meet & greet tickets from the radio station. Sorry. 🙁


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