Someone Once Told Me…

“You know you’re
when you care more about
how you feel
than about
how you look.”
Well, unfortunately, I have to agree!
I had to pass on so many cute shoes at the Bloomies sale this week.
I took one look at the heels and could instantly feel the discomfort in my feet and lower back.
All of the hours and hours of walking in spikes on concrete and marble floors when I modeled
have certainly taken their toll.
I can’t even wear flip-flops anymore.
I came across an ad for these puppies yesterday. I am definitely getting a pair!!!!

They are made by Skechers. In addition to having tons of support, look at all of the other benefits:

(I may even return these; even though they were the bargain of the century, they have NO support whatsoever.)I’m sure these shoes are going to be pricey, but when I add up all of the chiro bills, it will be money well spent. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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One thought on “Someone Once Told Me…

  1. Anonymous


    The Skechers are about $120, and the more affordable version of the MBT ( Haven't tried the Skechers yet, but I have to admit I LOVE my MBTs!



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