All I Wanted Was a Z-Pack…

I have been feeling yucky for about two weeks now. My mom read in the paper today about a guy who died…he had H1N1 but was misdiagnosed. She convinced me to go to urgent care.

I’m glad I did.

I explained to them that my daughter has a sinus infection and that I feel like I probably have one, too. Well, I guess I must have looked pretty bad because the only thing the P.A. heard was “fatigued for a couple of weeks” and she immediately did an EKG.

Next thing I know, they are giving me aspirin and sending me to the emergency room. “Should we call an ambulance, or can you drive yourself?”

Huh? All I want is some anitbiotics and to go on my way!!!!

Did you know that when you walk into the ER with an abnormal EKG print-out you don’t have to wait? They take you right back; you don’t even have to register.

Let me just say that another EKG and 5 tubes of blood later, it turns out that I have mono.

Whew. I was thinking I would have to have open-heart surgery or something and my house is a mess! (That is one of my biggest fears…that I get really sick and my house is gross and people have to come in and see it.)

(Apparently, when you have an EKG that is abnormal, you are supposed to get another one…they are only 50% accurate. So, my question is…how do they know which one to believe? The second one checked out fine.)

I’m happy to be home now. I did some laundry and cleaned my room; you know…just in case. Now I am resting.

The end.

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