An Easy Way to Give Back this Holiday Season

An Easy Way to Give Back this Holiday Season

Friends!  Did you know that there is an easy way for you to serve this holiday season and it doesn’t require any additional effort or money on your part?  It’s so easy and will help so many people!

serve holiday season

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Do you shop on  If so, all you need to do is enter into the address bar instead of just the regular  You will be prompted to select a charity.  When you are prompted, please consider selecting “Cosmetics for a Cause” as your charity of choice. will donate five cents for every $100 you spend directly to Cosmetics for a Cause.  See how easy that is?  It doesn’t cost you anything!  You’ll be shopping anyway, so why not help a charity at the same time?

Cosmetics for a Cause

Since Cosmetics for a Cause was founded, it has grown bigger that we ever imagined.  We never thought we would need money, but unfortunately, we need to pay annual fees to the state and pay to maintain the website.  We also have postage and shipping fees.  It’s not free to run a non-profit charity!  Who knew?  We also desperately need a storage unit.  Currently, the girls’ bedrooms and our garage are full of makeup.  Help!

serve holiday season

More About Cosmetics for a Cause

The purpose of Cosmetics for a Cause is to help women in distressed life situations improve their self-esteem and as a result, become empowered and successful.  We believe that when a woman feels beautiful on the outside, she can begin to gain the inner strength she needs to succeed.  Thus, our mission is “Outer Beauty \ Inner Strength.”

Cosmetics for a Cause was founded in 2012 by Erica Harreveld when she was a junior in high school.  Erica developed a passion for makeup at a young age.  She suffered from acne and used different cosmetics and makeup techniques to cover her blemishes.  She witnessed first-hand how the use of makeup made her feel better about herself.  Erica wanted to help other women and girls gain the same self-esteem.  She quickly put her idea into action and Cosmetics for a Cause was given 501 (c) (3) non-profit status in just a few short months.

To date, Cosmetics for a Cause has collected and distributed over $1.5M in makeup and beauty care items to women in need.

All donations made to Cosmetics for a Cause are tax-deductible.

serve holiday season

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